Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ME and about to Cry

On my desk, I'm starting to speak (again) in the new blog just made .. Yes, I'll write again and reveal the voice of my heart. So, VOICI .. 

Have I just become a super-hero, and I have convinced myself that I'm not depressed? Am I that GOOD? Or am I just too thinking about people, so SOMETIMES i don't care of myself then? 

I think that I'm in denial. Or maybe, I'm depressed,, but It's normal.. I think.. (and u must agree with me!).. It's OKAY, I'm just as not perfect as a human.. It's the process of life. 

Why I should feel guilty about too much because I couldn't meet the desires of "friends", but people who often called as FRIENDS even heartless to hurt me? 
One thing, I never ask them to understand my wishes but at least they should realize that (once again) I'm only a human.. A human who has heart, feeling and tears.. 

A friend said: "Crying is not a sin", yeah right, I agree .. But some people think a girl who cries is a sissy girl. Hey! What for GOD created these tears? 

Tears are precious. An aunt of my friend has no tear (this's true), and wherever she goes, she need to bring eye drops. And believe me, fighting back tears just makes someone more depressed. And I never hold back my tears, just maybe set the right time when it should fall out. Don't let it fall at the wrong place, so go somewhere where people won't see you.

Trying to laugh, trying to listen and try to understand people as people don't need to know the hidden mourning .. And, YES that's me (right now). 

Often people subjectively assess .. It's different size value to everyone. And, DON'T ever judge! 

A good friend will be more useful when he/she became a good listener rather than a pompous counselor.

Look at me, at my work time I'm busy writing this. But, it isn't too sinful to 'steal' a little time to share. Maybe there's someone who will be helped with this. 

So, let the tears come! Just CRY if you wanna cry, and in the other side be a (good) listener, not a judge for your friend! 

Anyway, (as people say) that prayer can solve the problem, alleviate suffering, and bring about greater peace. Well, pray and cry (should) would be a perfect pair to ease your burden :).


  1. gw good listener kok ya. tp gw bisa jd better listener kalau sambil makan. apalagi kalau makan gratis, pasti jadi best listener. hehehe

  2. Hemmmmmmmm... Ini dia masalah buat gwe, gwe gak berani ngasih Tanggapan utk tulisan ini, karena gwe gak ngerti bahasa Inggris hahaha

  3. yeah, I agree with you sometimes cryin can make us feel better and praying always give us feel peacefull and get solution for all the problem... Be strong, and u can grew up more stronger than after :).. Blez u charming sister