Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Nite Back to Hometown

And, I'm writing this on my way back to hometown..*Indonesian call it as mudik, especialy in special occasion like now.. Just a few days to Eid-ul Fitr season

With my (ex) highschool mates, Deden, Rian, Gilang, Agnes and her friend (also our friend of course) Fietta, we left Jakarta start from our meeting point in Setiabudi One.

After breakfasting on the sidewalk
Except Agnes, we attended half day of work. An hour late from our plan, we started leavin Jakarta at five o'clock. Couldn't escape from the traffic then we decided to stop and took a rest for a while for doin breakfasting. Guess where did we stop for having meal?? Yeah, still in Kuningan area, on the pavement in out park area of Gran Melia Hotel. Our menu is Hoka-hoka Bento that we bought in Setiabudi One.

Almost 7 pm we continued our journey to the hometown leavin' Jakarta, passed on tol dalam kota (city highway) and went straigth the way to Cipularang highway from Cikampek. In km.57 we stopped again for about an hour in rest area. Except me and Agnes, my friends did sholat Maghrib and we had a relax time in Telkomsel booth, enjoyed automatic massage chair. On our walk way to our car on the parking area, we were surprised by such an aquarium car of New Green Tea which picked up a complete band personals who played a familiar song. Many people there were surprised too, it was 'The Titan' who performed their hit.

Enjoying massage chairs

Took some pictures, the girls bought sweet corn and we continued our journey again.

There wasn't too serious traffic jam. In the middle of our way, we were goin' crazy by doin unpredicted funny happy things, suddenly karaoke room inside the car using Ipad and without microphone.

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  1. almost 9 hour with d'gals in d'car it's really enjoying & laughing :)