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An Exhibitionism Thing, For The Second Time in My Life

I just updated my facebook status as below:

For the second time in my life, an exhibitionist showed his dick in front of me while I was waiting for my ride. What a nightmare in Monday morning. The only word I wanted to say (to him) was: ANJING!


What did happen this morning restored my memories of the same ‘nightmare’ about three years ago.

It was approximately 9 AM at a bus stop in front of Tebet Indraya Square (TIS), South Jakarta, I waited for my office mates to pick me up, we were about going to Bandung for a business trip. Suddenly, a man on his motorcycle stopped near a bus stop (and I didn’t care for a while *people come and go at a bus stop). Suddenly, finally, I was realized that he just waited a moment when It was only me who sat in the bus stop. Shocked! Yes, of course I was. He showed his dick for a couple of minutes and then he left me in the 'awkward' moment and went away. I texted couple of my best friends. One of them is a psychology students, and she t…