Monday, January 14, 2013

An Exhibitionism Thing, For The Second Time in My Life

I just updated my facebook status as below:

For the second time in my life, an exhibitionist showed his dick in front of me while I was waiting for my ride. What a nightmare in Monday morning. The only word I wanted to say (to him) was: ANJING!


What did happen this morning restored my memories of the same ‘nightmare’ about three years ago.

It was approximately 9 AM at a bus stop in front of Tebet Indraya Square (TIS), South Jakarta, I waited for my office mates to pick me up, we were about going to Bandung for a business trip. Suddenly, a man on his motorcycle stopped near a bus stop (and I didn’t care for a while *people come and go at a bus stop). Suddenly, finally, I was realized that he just waited a moment when It was only me who sat in the bus stop. Shocked! Yes, of course I was. He showed his dick for a couple of minutes and then he left me in the 'awkward' moment and went away. I texted couple of my best friends. One of them is a psychology students, and she told me to be calm. She shortly explained about “exhibitionist”.

Okay, I’ve ever heard about this exhibitionism thing. But, I never want to be a ‘witness’ ( I was a ‘victim’ then) of their aberration.

And this morning wasn’t the first time, but the same shocking thing has happened, again. A man who ride his motorcycle just stopped by approximately two or three meters from where I stood. After a while, suddenly he stopped his motorcycle in front of me, and that sicken thing happened. I was a little pasty because of getting stomach ache, and it got worse while that exhibitionist was showing his act. Ruin my morning? Of course! So, that man was successfully got amusement or sexual satisfaction or shocked me as 'the bystander'

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