Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Unexpected Gift

Just the fifth day after my birthday, an "unexpected gift" arrived at my desk this morning.
Just started chatting on Yahoo Messenger with a friend, because my brain was sending a call for work orders, then I immediately plug my flash disk. OH NO! What a surprise, I found that my work files folder was suddenly lost,,, (with memory: 0 bytes). And I never store these files elsewhere.

Kept silent for a moment, complaining to my chat mates, and immediately tried to use my office mate’s computer. The result = SAME COURSE = "I am dying". Still trying to be calm-- mmmm ... (I think trying to calm is the characteristics of maturity), I tried to hold back the tears.

Oh it was so bad. Bad. I stopped thinking for a while. Just complained to some friends, and no body could solve this trouble, and it became more "perfect" due to there was no IT officer at that moment.

Suddenly, the boss made a phone call to me, and "HELLO! Are you sick, Lia?”, wow, my sick girl voice, slightly improving the situation, in order to complain telling my boss this fucking thing. this was the solution from my boss: "Contact the IT officer!". That's it, then he asked me for a help  *duty*.

With a loyal employee's responsibility, I continued to work while thinking what should I do with the missing data.

Oh dear, think about it only makes more dizzy. All the data of cases that I hold were there.

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