Friday, June 27, 2014

A (Last week) Bitternes

Something disturbed me last week. Not a big matter for some people. Maybe. But for me, it was one of the worst moment in my life. Never been in that situation before. The mostly grateful thing that while heard/faced the "imputation", I still could control my emotion and action. I fought it with a good body language, kept calm and tried to act as if nothing was wrong. But after some times, in the "right time", in front of my besties, couldn't hide it. My tears dropped, shared what i felt and my burden got lighter.

Two best friends were buckets of my anxiety on that heartbreak day. One of them said that my head should be held high.

I've ever got the worse thing, but been charged for doing a poor performance without any details, even a fair explanation, it's like "blamed" for something what I have never done. It's hurt!

I don't wanna ask God. My faith always make me trust for the God's better plans of my life. But as a human, being down is normal. However, to rise again is a must!

So, I keep face the days with belief of a "victory"! As before and as usual, I will do my best. It needs time for a proof and the truth. Time will show it. As my bestie said, once again, that my head should be held high.

Even Bill Gates, Michael Jordan and Walt Disney ever been failed. Many of the world’s greatest successes have learned how to fail their way to success. So, I (always) remind my self, "It was okay,dear.", "It's (still) okay!" and "It will be okay".

There is a rainbow after the rain. God promises us, the sun after the storm. Don't worry! Ces't la vie. There is a reason for everything. And, for the bad thing just happened to me, it will be "a better me" of days a head. 

So, world! Please see me in the future. Now, I'm in a train on a railway to the success.

May the Angels hear.. May God bless me as always. Amen

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