Thursday, October 16, 2014


Realize that life teaches us to be able to negotiate with the chances we have. We only live once, we will die once too. But, don’t be dying as long as we can see the Sun shines every morning. As long as the Sun still shines in this naive world, and we are free to breathe, we don’t have any reason to worry too much.

I was born alone and I believe that at its time I will be died alone. So, to do many things alone is an ordinary thing. Being alone doesn't mean lonely! Instead, sometimes I feel lonely while I am surrounded by ‘friends’ but like they don’t count me in. Sometimes, I feel, people touch in skin but not heart by heart.

The chances we have means that we should decide to step in the best path we deserve. We need to have a strong reason to step freely on our chosen way. We often doubt the chances we took. Why? Be confidence! Be yourself! Be what you want to be. DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO! That’s a key. Why do we live depend on others? Why should we react because people’s words? Yes, human is a social being, but doesn't mean we share everything we thought with others opinion.

No one is super in this world, nothing is higher than human right. Everyone was born from mother’s womb but human was created by ash. Ash to ashes, dust to dust. But soul can be higher and bigger with what we have done (in the world) before leaving our body’s age.

Be kind to others, (but don’t forget to) take care of yourself. Love others, (but remember that) you’re lovable too.

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