Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Cup of Morning Coffee

I love to have a cup of morning coffee as my daily breakfast. Nowdays, at the office I usually start my activities with a single espresso, and sometimes, like today, I love to mix the espresso with hot chocolate drink of Cadbury - this is too good, so I don’t hesitate to mention the brand ;) -.

Well, people say that let’s start the day with a smile, a wisdom voices that it’s good to start the day with the prayer, well.. for a good day ahead many agree that we need to start the day with a great or lovely breakfast. Whatsoever, to have a good day, we need to start the day with A GOOD THING.

A good thing of a few good things mentioned above is kinda mood booster. What’s started with good may be ended well. What’s welcomed nicely may have a happy ending.

So, why do some people start the day with “ugh” or any complaint?